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KnCMiner Alchip and AST Announce Tapeout of Industry’s Fastest Scrypt Mining Machine - Titan - with 28nm ASIC


Stockholm, Sweden / Taipei, Taiwan – July 5, 2014- KnC Group AB, a global Crypto Currency market leader and Alchip Technologies, Ltd., a world leading fabless ASIC company through its Representative - Advanced Semiconductor Technology Ltd. (AST), announced today that they have cooperated to complete the design and manufacture of the first 28nm AISC for the Scrypt mining machine "Titan".


With the growing crypto currency market and the peer-to-peer technology to operate without a central authority or banks, KnC brings to the market the Titan, a Scrypt mining machine to allow our customer to mine additional currencies to the Bitcoin.


This is the third tape-out KnC has been able to achieve together with it's partners Alchip and AST within a 12 months time frame - a sign that the race in the crypto currency space is driving innovation in chip design. The Titan chip support 2284 cores running 18272 threads.This chip design adopted the 28nm advanced process and Alchip was responsible for the complete SoC design integration which includes the physical, electrical, timing and thermal design of the project.


“The Crypto Currency industry is growing” said Johnny Shen, President of Alchip. “and we offer a variety of comprehensive solutions to our customers. We are happy to continue our cooperation with KnC. This is the 3rd design within 12 month, and that proves our superior capabilities - the best design analysis, design and manufacturing solutionsin the advanced process node. We will continue to provide our customers the high performance ASIC with cost-effective, energy-efficient, and smaller die size advantages, to achieve the first silicon success win-win result. This joint effort of KnCMiner,Alchip and AST demonstrates our commitment to our customers.


"Selecting Alchip as our design and manufacture partner for the Titan, our 3rd ASIC with in 12 month, was trivial.” said Sam Cole, KnCMiner’s co-founder.  “From the performance point of view, the Titan is the most advance Scrypt mining machine in the market. We are committed to continue support our customers and provide them with the most advance technologies. We look forward to the further cooperation with Alchip!”



About KnC Group AB

KnC Group AB is the world's leading specialist of proven extreme performance crypto-currency products, and services. The Stockholm based KnC  was founded in May 2013, by joining Kennemar & Cole AB (Andreas Kennemar and Sam Cole) with ORSoC AB (Marcus Erlandsson, Johan Rilegård and Michael Unnebäck). KnC both; completed it's first funding round within 3 days in June, and delivered a production ready model of their Bitcoin mining device, the KnC Jupiter by the end of September 2013, as promised. This is believed to be the fastest 28nm concept to silicon ever created. The Bitcoin ASICs and PCB board worked first time. This was verified by third-party independent inspection. They are to date one of the world's fastest growing companies, in one of the world's fastest growing industries

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About Alchip Technologies Ltd.

Founded in 2003, Alchip Technologies Ltd. is a leading provider of silicon design and manufacturing services for companies developing complex and high-volume system-on-chip (SoC) designs. Alchip’s products are mainly used in HDTV, mobile phones, networking, computers, entertainment and other consumer electronics devices. It provides services intended to enable customers to cost-effectively address the technological complexity of silicon design and the need to reduce time to market. For more information:


About AST

Advanced Semiconductor Technologies (AST) was established in 1986 as the first independent Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASIC) Design Center in Israel and has since become the Representative of major ASIC vendors as well as IP and EDA suppliers and Applications Specific Standard Product (ASSP) companies.

AST's highly skilled Sales and Application Engineers combine over 200 years of experience; Turn-Key services as well as on site support and consulting are provided, in the areas of ASIC and FPGA Design, EDA IT, CAD and Design Management. 

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News Release Contacts:

Nanok Bie

Corporate Marketing, KnC Group AB

Tel: +46 70 969 6078



Tomer Kabakov

VP Marketing

Advanced Semiconductor Technology Ltd. (AST)

Tel: +972-977 44 278

Email: tomer_k @



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