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AST is offering professional sales and application support in Israel for technology-driven manufacturers of Semiconductor ASSP's (Application Specific Standard Products). We are an authorized distributor of top of the class components for RF, Microcontrollers, Power, Networking, Connectivity, Storage, Video Processing, DSP subsystems and high performance Memory.


AST is offering the best available OpenCL FPGA Accelerated Computing solutions from Nallatech and reconfiguralbe FPGA board leve hardware products for data acquisition and signal processing applications from Innovative Integration.


 AST provides win-win results for both manufacturers and end-customers. We are the value added partner bringing together the right solution to our customers and the right application for our principal manufacturers.


Today, when cost effectiveness and time to market are critical success factors,  the component selection process is key.  The top of the class solutions we offer help our customers achieve their design goals sooner and at the right cost. 


System architects and designers can concentrate more on their tasks and less on debugging component problems. AST adds technology know how, embedded systems expertise and resources to help its customers to define, design and manufacture embedded system applications serving their global markets and growth strategy.


Our customers are typically in the business of developing and producing Telecom/Datacom, Multimedia, Medical and Industrial equipment and/or subsystems.Our strengths are:


  • Team of experienced and knowledgeable sales engineers

  • Expert product and application engineering

  • Extensive knowledge of the markets in our focus

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