AST's EDA (Electronic Design Automation) department is specialized in leading solutions for hardware and embedded software engineers who are looking for solutions to shorten the development cycle and reduce cost.


Our target is to offer our customers high quality and affordable solutions, with the highest level of service and technical support.


AST provides solutions and tools for:


  • Avionics Certification DO-254, DO-178B and DO-178C

  • Automotive certification ISO-26262

  • Embedded Software Testing

  • Job Scheduler, License Monitoring

  • Configuration Management, IP Management

  • VHDL, Verilog and SystemVerilog Design / Simulation / Verification

  • Hardware Emulation

  • IC Layout Acceleration


We are committed to keep our well deserved reputation in the Israeli market for providing high value products

and services by:


  • Partnering with "top-class" EDA vendors

  • Offering a professional and fair approach to sales and marketing

  • Supporting our customers with a dedicated technical service




We are proud to have the following partners in our portfolio:


Safety-Critical & Certification Consulting, Safety Critical Training & Workshops, Safety-Critical Development Outsourcing and Safety Critical Software Expert Witness
FPGA & ASIC Design Entry, Simulation & Verification tools, Hardware Assisted RTL Simulation Acceleration & Emulation, DO-254 In-Hardware Verification.
ClioSoft is the pioneer and leading developer of hardware configuration management (HCM) and IP management solutions for the semiconductor industry.
ClioSoft’s SOS design collaboration platform was built exclusively to handle the complex life cycle requirements of system-on-chip design flows for digital, analog and mixed-signal designs.
High Performance Job Scheduler for Computer Farms and License Utilization Monitor for CAD/IT Managers.
Industry leading solutions for high performance visualization printing and plotting, GDSII optimizer and file transfer acceleration solutions.
Sigasi radically redefines digital design. Our design entry tool, Sigasi Studio, drastically improves hardware designer productivity by helping to write, inspect and modify digital circuit designs in the most intuitive way. Advanced features such as intelligent autocompletes and code refactoring, make VHDL and SystemVerilog design easier, more efficient. Sigasi was founded in 2008 and has customers worldwide in all fields of industry.
A dedicated to productivity enhancement tools for custom IC layout design, providing optimized by construction solutions to achieve better layout quality and shorter time-to-market. It consolidates layout steps, minimizes mouse clicks and increases the layout speed 30+ times and integrated into Cadence Virtuoso Platform, supporting both IC5 and IC6.
Develops intellectual property (IP) for advanced Design-for-Test (DFT) and Design-for-Debug/Diagnosis (DFD) applications including, logic BIST, memory BIST, boundary-scan synthesis, Scan/ATPG with test compression, concurrent fault simulation, and silicon debug and diagnosis.
A leading provider of automated software testing tools for developers of safety critical Avionics DO-178B embedded applications. Vector Software's VectorCAST line of products, automate and administer the complex tasks related to unit, integration, and system level testing. The VectorCAST tools support the C, C++, and Ada programming languages.
Superior SystemVerilog, Verilog and VHDL front-end software. Verific's software is used universally by the EDA and semiconductor community in synthesis, simulation, formal verification, emulation, debugging, virtual prototyping, and design-for-test applications, which all together have shipped over 40,000 copies.
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