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KnC Announce Tape out' of the World's first 20nm ASIC for Bitcoin Mining March 5, 2014


STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN — March 5, 2014 –– KnC, the most trusted brand in Bitcoin Mining is announcing they

have completed tape out' of their new ASIC. This is the world's first Bitcoin Mining Application Specific

Integrated Circuit (ASIC) designed using ground breaking 20 nanometer engineering. This important

milestone was achieved only 3 months after starting the project, during February 2014.


KnC partnered with Alchip and its representative, Advanced Semiconductors Technology (AST), to deliver

this advanced 20nm technology ASIC. This tapeout is the 2nd generation of the bitcoin mining ASIC following

the success of the 1st, which was delivered in a record time of 3.5 months.


This new KnC20nm chip will reduce power consumption of Bitcoin Mining by 43% when compared with the

previous generation. In addition, innovations in the design of the communications circuitry allow for 1440

cores, in a 55x55mm package.


Marcus Erlandson, KnC CTO, is immensely proud of the teams performance, “The combined efforts of KnC

and our partners Alchip means that once again we are bringing to market a world first silicon design and in

record time.”


Johnny Shen, President of Alchip. “KnC and Alchip have been working together on Bitcoin ASIC design for

less than 12 months and in that time we've already delivered 2 world-first projects. Collaboration is the key

here and the close working relationship between our teams is the secret to our success”


Bitcon is maturing and the technology that underpins the Bitcoin network is largely powered by KnC

hardware with devices sold in over 100 countries worldwide. To learn more about KnC, visit


About KnC

KnC Group AB was founded in 2013 and have their headquarters in the tech hub of Stockholm, Sweden.

They specialise in building leading edge hardware that secure the transactions for the distributed Bitcoin


For more information  visit


About Alchip

Founded in 2003, Alchip Technologies Ltd. is a leading provider of silicon design and manufacturing services

for companies developing complex and high-volume system-on-chip (SoC) designs. Alchip's products are

mainly used in current HDTV, mobile phones, networking, computers, entertainment and other consumer

electronics devices. It provides ASIC design and manufacturing services intended to enable customers to

cost-effectively address the technological complexity of silicon design and the need to reduce time to

market.For more information:


About AST

Advanced Semiconductor Technologies (AST) was established in 1986 as the first independent Application

Specific Integrated Circuits (ASIC) Design Center in Israel and has since become the Representative of major

ASIC vendors as well as IP and EDA suppliers and Applications Specific Standard Product (ASSP)

companies.AST's highly skilled Sales and Application Engineers combine over 200 years of experience;

Turn-Key services as well as on site support and consulting are provided, in the areas of ASIC and FPGA

Design, EDA IT, CAD and Design Management. For more information:



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